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Vape Myth Busting

Vapes, JUULs, and other e-cigarette products have been growing in popularity - and danger. Here are some myths about vaping that might make you think twice.

Myth #1 – “These products are shown to help people quit smoking.”
These products are relatively new and enough research hasn’t been done to prove that they are effective quit aids. Think about the companies that are marketing these products to you. Tobacco companies are not in the business of helping you quit, they are in the business of selling their product and making money. As people look for ways to quit tobacco, they can be swayed to try products that they are told will help them resist their cravings. As a result, this boosts sales for the tobacco companies that sell these items. Because nicotine, an addictive substance, is in the cartridges of vaping will not help you curb your addiction. It will merely get you hooked on an alternative product.

Myth #2 – “Vapes are a healthy alternative to smoking, since there’s no second-hand smoke involved.”
You’re right, there may be no smoke involved, however, the “water vapor” that is emitted from these devices is not as harmless as you think. In reality, the “water vapor” is actually an aerosol (like hair spray) that contains chemicals like formaldehyde (used to preserve dead specimens) and acrolein (a nasal irritant).* Just because you may not be able to smell it like you would smoke, doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. Some manufacturers market their products as safe because they use food flavorings or glycerin which they say meets the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) definition of “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS). However, that definition does not apply to food additives being inhaled. Also, there are currently no regulations for how much, or which kinds, of chemicals are okay to use in cartridges.

Myth #3 – “I’m saving money, because I’m not buying cigarettes anymore.”
Check out the graph below.* This shows the nicotine content in cartridges from several tobacco companies. As you can see, you may not really be getting what you think. The average nicotine concentration of commercial cigarettes is about 16.3mg. If you’re used to smoking a certain amount of cigarettes a day, it make take more cartridges to fulfill your cravings.

Brand Name Cartridge Type

Labelled Nicotine Content
(mg or mg/ml)

Janty Cartridge 16 Mild Cartridge 18 Premium Cartomizer 16 Trendy Cartridge 18   <td style="\"width:" 122px;="" text-align:="" center;\"="">2

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