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Strengthen Your Bond by Setting Relationship Goals

The term “relationship goals” is used to describe a couple who appear to have everything one may want in a relationship. But, underneath the surface, that relationship takes effort, communication, and dedication.

Setting relationship goals is a way to commit to something together and show you care about the relationship. Developing common goals encourages working as a team to enhance and sustain the relationship and deepens the bond.

There are many goals that can strengthen a relationship. While some couples strive to spend more time together enjoying a shared hobby, others may hope to find more time to explore activities independently or with friends.

Other common relationship goals include improved communication, acts of service, shared fitness activities, or budgeting finances and responsibilities.

Five steps for creating your own relationship goals:

Brainstorm separately.

Take time to think about goals individually before sharing them with each other. Think about what you hope to get out of the partnership and create goals that help you achieve that.

Come together to discuss ideas.

When sharing ideas, you may discover that your partner came up with things you did not. Revise the goals or create new goals together.

Decide which goals to focus on.

Reach a mutual decision on which goals to set. It may be helpful to start with three short-term and three long-term relationship goals.

Set realistic deadlines.

Lifestyle changes take time.

Check in regularly.

This quality time with your partner can take place over a nice dinner or during a scenic walk.

Services are available if you are concerned about your relationship and looking for additional support. The Family Advocacy Program offers various services including classes, counseling, and victim advocacy. Contact your local Family Advocacy Program for more information about available services at your local installation. 

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