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Reducing Alcohol Consumption to Improve Physical Fitness

Manage how alcohol impacts your health, career, relationships, and physical fitness by focusing your attention on your drinking patterns and habits. 

Intentions. Identify any effects alcohol has on your health and fitness. Write down goals regarding alcohol use and put them somewhere to view frequently. Try reducing one drink at a time. Consuming one less drink is a step toward success.

Awareness. Take notes on how much you drink, when and where you drink, and who you drink with. Keep track of the dates and times of day. Identify and track any alcohol misuse consequences, such as hangovers or blackouts.  Did you make it to the gym over the weekend or skip it due to feeling hungover? Do you tend to drink more when with a certain person or in a certain place? Identifying these patterns helps highlight potential effects on physical fitness.

Understand the Impact. Drinking alcohol decreases motivation to work out and impairs the body’s ability to process adenosine triphosphate, the primary energy source for muscles. Alcohol impairs restorative sleep and decreases the body’s level of human growth hormone responsible for repairing and building muscle. Alcohol use increases cortisol production, which prevents muscle development.

Drinking alcohol can stand between you and your fitness gains.

Being self-aware helps us notice when our behaviors are not healthy or productive. Be mindful of what behaviors can negatively impact your health and fitness and set goals to improve them.

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